The Buddhist Maiden, or the Maiden, also known as Mizuki or Hikarichan, is the Avatar of light in Tao: Rize of the Yin-Yang , the physical embodiment of all that is good, and one of the main protagonists.  She is traditionally opposed to the Witch, the Avatar of darkness and embodiment of all that is evil in the world. She is also the Elemental Hero of Water.

Description and AbilitiesEdit

In her singular form, Mizuki appears as a nineteen year-old girl with dark red hair.  At the same time, however, she can split herself into seven different people, all who look identical apart from different hair colours and styles and who bear different objects.  Mizuki explained that this is because just as there are seven colour that make up the spectrum of light, so too are there seven virtues that make up the 'spectrum of good'.  The different forms consist of the following:

  • Raijichan, who has short blonde hair, is the Lightning Maiden of Temperance.  Her attacks include 'Bright Strike of Divine Judgement.'
  • Fuujichan, who has light blue hair in the pigtails, is the Wind Maiden of Kindness.
  • Tsuchichan, who has short brown, cropped hair, is the Earth Maiden of Humility (As such, she is the only form who doesn't shout out her name while introducing herself).
  • Sujichan, who has long blue hair, is the Water Maiden of Charity.
  • Hochan, who has flaming red hair, is the Fire Maiden of Fortitude.
  • Yukichan, who has long white hair, is the Ice Maiden of Chastity.
  • And finally Otochan, who has multi-coloured hair, is the Sound Maiden of Patience.

Behind the scenesEdit

Despite being associated with Buddhism, two of the Maiden's forms are those of Shinto gods.  Interestingly enough, the virtues she represents come from Christianity rather than either Buddhism or Shinto.