Despair is a minor character in TAO: Rise of the Ying-yang and seves as a blur between protagonist and antagonist. He has the potential to be a great asset in the war with the Legion of Swords, but his memory loss has him left with one question, who will he be an asset to?


Despair is a tall, "human," male who looks to be in his late 20's. He has pitch black hair and pitch black eyes, but in contrast to this his skin is very pale, showing little to no colour but white. He carries with him a large, pitch black scythe with a pulsing and large purple eye seperating the shaft from the blade.

Role in the StoryEdit

Despair first appears as a prisoner in a void of darkness. Stripped of all his memory, he is freed by a strange voice and told to "guide and protect." However, the voice does not tell him who he is protecting. As if guided by some divine purpose, Despair shortly found hislef in the Great Forge, but Infernace had sensed this powerful individual, and manipulated him to his cause using the very purpose he was charged with earlier. He is then seen stalking the group during the final battle, only to have Infernace's Darkness draned from him by Mibu, the confused Despair then disspaears to ponder his thoughts. After many years he returns as a guardian for the three children: Cleopatra, Angelo and Lilith. Although he watches over the children he never directly comes into contact with any of the other remaining characters, and so simply lives out his days serving as a silent and secretive guardian, protecting the balance form the remenants of the Legion of Blades.   

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Despite appearing near the end of TAO: Rise of the Ying-yang, Despair is shown to have a multitude of abilities.

Shroud of Darkness: Despair has the ability to shroud himself in an arcane darkness, so that the only powerful beings such as Infernace can see or hear him.

Dark Lightning: Despair appears to have control of strange but violent black lightning, he can use this in a multitude of ways, from direct bolts to area blasts.

Scythe Runes: Despair has the ability to conjure powerful and twisted runes with his scythe, allowing him to teleport with little to no effort required. 


  • Despair is the only character to simply "disappear," without any explaination as to how or why, this was intentional, even the reader does not know.