Flagbreth the Fanatic is a member of the Seven Swordsmen (And apparently its leader) and of the Legion of Swords.

Description and AbilitiesEdit

Flagbreth the Fanatic is described as a man wielding two katanas, which are strong enough to slice through concrete.  Extremely fast and agile, his main attack is called 'Whirlwind of a Thousand Blades'.

Current StatusEdit

After having his soul balanced by Eri-Mi, Flagbreth encountered his fellow swordsmen, reporting that the heroes had been dealt with.  However, one of the sworsdmen knew that he was lying.  Flagbreth was not seen or heard of after this.  It can be assumed that he was punished for his betrayal of the group.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Although not featured, Anonymius had conceived a scene that after his reformation was exposed, Flagbreth would have had his legs sliced off by the Swordsman who knew he was lying, condemning him to a painful death.