Fuzen, first introduced as "The Hooded Man," main antagonist in The Fading Light: A Tale of Zan. He is cold, loyal only to Mar'riana and extremely deadly in combat. Often refusing to engage in combat directly, Fuzen rarely sees much action, but when he does take to the field he is an almost unstoppable force of skill and deadly efficiency. He has sworn himself to Mar'riana for eternity, and has fought for his master so long he has forgotten most of his previous life, including his real name.


Fuzen is one of the few characters to never show their face, as his is always shrouded in darkness by a beige hood. He is a tall and well built man who wears light armour below a long robe that covers all but his gauntlets and leggings.


Fuzen first appears as a messanger from Mar'riana, explaining how dissapointed he is towards Chataway. He later pursues and engages both Zans, showing off his formidable fighting skills by facing them bot by himself, before being reacalled by Mar'riana for a "greater purpose." After the imprisonment of Mar'riana, Fuzen is shown taking rule over the Sea of Time, whether as a new ruler or merely a caretaker, it is unclear, what is clear however is his desire to destroy those who imprisoned his master.