Official Artwork for "The Vanarchist" by Takashi Okazaki

Gabriel King, a.k.a. "The Vanarchist", is the main character of the story Red Bat. He is a werewolf/vampire mix.


Gabriel is the son of a werewolf father and a vampire mother. As a child, he witnessed the death of his father after vampires came to hunt him down for the Red Bat formula. Ever since then, he had a clear distaste for vampires (sans his mother) and joined the Vanarchists out of pure disgust. However, he entered a splintered faction as Gabriel did not like being aligned with organzations and spent good parts of life learning to skateboard. He also became a rapper famous in the underground.


Gabriel features the traits of a stereotypical bad boy, a shady look, graffiti bombing, and a usually anti-social behavior. He has an intense dislike for vampires, especially the ones that work for Red Bat despite being part vampire himself. In spite of this Gabriel considers himself to be a werewolf first. His hate for vampires is why he joined the Vanarchists, even though he became in league with the splintered faction. Even though he joined the Vanarchists Gabriel prefers not to associate himself with any groups and bombs places with Vanarchist signs when he can as he dislikes their ideas of human supremacy as much as he dislikes vampires.

He is more than willing to work with other werewolves like Julius Blue, and humans that are not associated with the Vanarchists. Furthermore, beneathe his rough exterior Gabriel is a gentle person who wants to help others in need. Ever since his time with vampires like 'The Rival' he started to lighten up to the species and cast aside his hatred of them.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Vanarchist was one of the few original characters created by Takashi Okazaki, although his actual name and background was elaborated upon by Scorpiontail, who also established him as being half werewolf.  
  • Although the death of his father originally seemed to be just a hate crime, it was Zeromaro who made this as one of the werewolf murders connected to making Red Bat and have Gabriel explictedly describe himself as 'werewolf first'.
  • Doombot had established that Gabriel belonged to a fringe faction of the Vanarchists, who were actually tolerant of their member despite being half vampire (Partly due to his popularity as a rapper).


  • Gabriel was described as belonging to a fringe faction of the Vanarchists, despite it being stated in the character description that he did 'not associate himself with any groups'.
  • At New York Comic con, Okazaki mentioned that 'the skater was supposed to be the bad guy...but the way it turned out, (his) role was reversed,' which surprised him.  Although the 'skater' image was identified with Gabriel, it was originally referred to as 'a Vanarchist' rather than 'The Vanarchist'.