Giota is a supporting character in TAO: Rize of the Yin-Yang, described as monk in his mid or late teens with pointy ears. He would become a major ally to the main characters in the story.  

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While battling each other, Erika and Rajichan would become interrupted by Giota, freezing the two.  He would later accompany the heroes on their journey to find the other elemental champions and defeat the Legion of Swords.  During the adventure he would often use his freezing power to stop the maiden and the witch from performing actions he disagreed with, whether it was attempting to force Tang Chin to join them or fighting each other too intensely.  At some point while the heroes were training, Giota would feel that he was not a great aid combat wise to them, departing to his monastery to meditate on the matter, as well as asking his fellow brothers for solutions, rejoining them after being trained in martial combat and learning new techniques.