Khopesh, originally a man named Charles, is a major character in TAO: Rize of the Ying-Yang and acts as an enigmatic hero for much of the story.


Khopesh wears a gas mask with an elongated nozzle and appears as a tall, incredibly slender man. He wields two large, titanium khopeshes, hence his name.

Role in the StoryEdit

For some time, he and a young woman named Hope were seeing each other, but due to unknown circumstances, the lovers ended up divided from one another. It is heavily implied that he joined the Legion of Swords and then cut ties with them specifically to find Hope, using the Legion's resources to make his goal of seeing Hope again a reality. However, at some point, he began to see visions of a "Fire Witch" who would tell him to do bad things. It currently isn't known how he started seeing this figment of his imagination or what it caused him to do.

He is first seen watching Mibu from afar, seemingly stalking him until he enters the world that Erika and Mizuki belong to. Eventually, he intervenes in the middle of Mizuki's and Erika's fight between each other, giving them and Mibu three of the five Elemental Weapons: The Gloves of Aether, The Cup of Water, and The Coins of Earth, which were given to Mibu, Mizuki and Erika respectively.