Ryusei Mibu is the Elemental Hero of Aether and the main protagonist of TAO: Rize of the Ying-yang. Originally just a regular citizen living on his own, he is drawn into a world of magic and a battle of black and white.


In Mibu's past lives he met the main heroines of TAO. As the Onmyoji Yasonori, he encountered a Buddhist nun who was troubled that people were suffering even after several Buddhist teachings. Overtime the pair fell in love and Yasonori promised the nun to help her find a way to show others to end their suffering. But he passed away after helping find enlightenment.

He reincarnated again, this time as a black cat with unique features. The cat was abandoned by its family and was rejected by others until he encountered the witch Erika Marigold. Erika took care of the cat as he had nowhere else to go. Overtime, the cat showed high amounts of intelligence such as writing and gave itself the name Solo. Solo could also perform magic able to enter Erika's dreams and perform activities ranging from romance to whimsy (even arguments at times). Unfortunately, Solo and Erika's right eye was sacrificed by evil witches in a ritual due to Solo's high amount of talent.

As Mibu, he was born to the previous Hero of Aether, Hane and an unnamed father. As he grew older he lived a rather average life, aside from a few dreams where he encountered the monster fox Shotora and was trained in Onmyodo in a modern form.


Strong-willed, Midu isn't willing to give up, not for any reason.