The Executioner is a mysterious top hitman and assassin for the BBP.  He performs their 'dirtiest jobs.'  He has also been referred to as the Artist.

Description and PersonalityEdit

The Executioner has typically been described as wearing a mask and a trench coat. He's also armed with a katana.

He appears to hate racism and the mistreatment of any race, as shown when he referred to the Vanarchists he was attacking as 'filthy racists', which is probably why he takes so much pleasure in performing the missions set out for him by the BBP, and was also notably aggressive towards the CEO who was cleared of charges for experiments on werewolves.

The Executioner has also expressed a sense of humour that is somewhat sardonic, as has been seen when he had phoned up Sander 'The Rival' Fitzpatrick to ask him "how is chasing fairies going," and calling rapper Gabriel King who had changed his nickname from the 'Vanarchist' to the 'Bat' as 'the Artist formerly known as the Vanarchist'.

Participation during the events of Red BatEdit

At the Vanarchist Head Quarters, the Commander was brought to the attention of hundreds of Vananarchist members being impaled in the building.  Moments later, the lights went out and further Vanarchists were attacked by what appeared to be a blur.  The Executioner, who had been given a new formula of Red Bat that temporarily gave a vampire the strength and speed of a werewolf, had been sent to infiltrate the HQ and locate the werewolf prisoners that had been liberated from the Red Bat labs and eliminate them so that they could no longer give witness to the treatment of werewolves by the corporation.

It is unknown what further happened at the HQ, but afterwards the Executioner, while standing on top of a skyscraper overlooking the city, appeared to express regret over what was done to help vampires at the expense of werewolves, holding an unopened can of the new Red Bat, and wondered whether anyone really knew the real truth.

Later he attacked the CEO's limo moments after he was cleared of all charges, telling him that "you may have escaped justice...and (Gabriel) and his crew may think you're dead, but you haven't escaped from me," also demanding to know the formula to the new Red Bat.  He later attempted to escape with the CEO, only to be stopped by Rose.