The Seven Sworsdmen are elite warriors within the Legion of Swords, originally sent by the leader to deal with the heroes after Claymore and the DAGGER Units failed to stop them.  After the collapse of the Organisation, the remaining Swordsmen departed to another world 'to wreak havoc'.


As their name suggests the Seven Swordsmen are seven in number.  They are noticeably the only members of the Legion of Swords who have names that do no reflect their weapon, assumably a sign of their high status within the organisation before it was taken over and reorganised by Urumi.  Although their full individual identities were never revealed, known members are as follows:

The Seven Swordsmen appeared to have a leader, which at first appeared to be Flagbreth, although another swordsman appeared to have authority within the group and likely took over with Flagbreth's betrayal.  This swordsman described himself as a 'master of lies and deceit', and can therefore tell when someone is lying.  He also appeared to have some magical ability as well, leading and performing the spell that led to the remaining Swordsmen's departure from the world of 'TAO'.

Behind the ScenesEdit

According to Anonymius, who introduced the Seven Swordsmen, the other names of the Swordsmen would have been the Gentleman, the Demon, the Ice King and the Youth.