Werewolves are one of the fictional species in Red Bat.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

All werewolves have the ability to change into wolves, or assume a form that is midway between human and wolf. This ability gives them enhanced speed and strength and regenerative abilities. Werewolves are also seemingly immortal, or at least can live longer than humans, such as Vseslav De Vrkolak (who claimed to be centuries old) and as such, werewolf abilities seem to increase with age (Vrkolak survived a fall that would have killed a man and claimed to have powers the younger werewolves couldn't imagine).

Status in societyEdit

Before the events of Red Bat, werewolves appeared to be a discriminated species, which range from laws being passed against to officially being declared non-existent.  Their status was held in such a low regard that Red Bat was able to kill and experiment on them freely without any opposition or intervention aside from the Vanarchist and his friends or the Vanarchists.  After the conspiracy was exposed, however, werewolves became a protected race with the same rights as humans and vampires.


  • Werewolves were introduced in Red Bat by Scorpiontail, an addition that would surprise creator Takashi Okazaki.